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Rimfire News 12th March

27th March 2022 • Admin
  • Rimfire 12 March 2022

The last 3 rimfire shoots have been very well attended. All the shoots had 2 full details. We’ve even had two past Kingshoot winners (Kym L and Neville J) coming along to take their chances against us seasoned rimfire aficionados!

And they’re winning!

(Neville is still using the traditional aperture sights whereas the rest of us are using scopes.)

Scores from these shoots were

  • Feb 5th

Target rifle Kim L 362(won by 2)

Hunting rifle Loui B 370

Prone bipod Dick H 328

  • Feb 19th

Target rifle Kim L 375( won by 2)

Hunting rifle Dave C 367

Prone bipod Andy H 337

  • March 12th

Target rifles. Neville J 374

Hunting rifles Dave C 347

Prone bipod Michael McC 348

Thanks to the members for helping make these days generally a lot of fun and run smoothly

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