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Service Rifle

A letter from the Service Rifle Captain

Service rifle is a combination of both new and historical firearms which are currently being used or have been used in the military, police force, prison services etc. The main discipline that we shoot at Hahndorf rifle club is rifle shooting.

This discipline is mainly made up of military firearms that are issued to any county in the world’s military service. These matches are broken up depending on the class of rifle. The most common class is the standard issue rifle, for example the Lee Enfield .303 (this is a good way to use relatives old Lee Enfield or SMLE). Other classes include accurised or modified variations, which include sporterised service rifle or other “non issue” tweaking, such as non issued sights, ex big bore rifles, and various others. These two categories shoot together on the same target.

There are also categories for scoped or sniper based rifles, black powder military rifles (original and reproductions) and cadet or trainer rifles. Within trainer and cadet class, any .22LR rifles are allowed.

Throughout the year there are a wide variety of events that are conducted, which includes dedicated sniper/scoped based events, cadet/trainer shoots, team events, along with memorial shoots for both ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. Currently the “ANZAC day” shoot is the flagship event for Service Rifle.

These matches are conducted usually on the 1st Saturday of the month, and normally consist of 23 rounds for the core detail and a further 10 rounds for the optional rapid fire events, shot at 200 yards. Cadet and trainer rifles are shot at either 50 or 100 yards.

These disciplines of shooting are one of the cheapest way to enter competitive shooting, as fancy modifications and options are not required entering to enjoy this style of shooting.

If you have any queries or inquiries regarding any of the information about service rifle shooting be free to contact me or email the club contact

For information when we are shooting please feel free to refer to the club program for further details.

Nathaniel Brooke
Service Rifle Hahndorf

This video shows the Service style of shooting at Hahndorf Rifle Club. Thompson, S. (2017, October 7). Hahndorf Rifle Club Service Rifle 7th oct 2017 [Video file]. Retrieved from

J.T Lake and Remembrance Day Memorial Shoot 2017

For enquiries about shooting Service or Cadet at HRC please contact:
Service Rifle Captain (Nathaniel Brooke): or 0459 708 618

Service Rifle Program

Classic Sniper Shoot 2017

Service Rifle Awards