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Shoot at Mount Barker and Districts Rifle Club

3rd September 2016 • Admin

September 3rd saw Hahndorf Rifle Club join the Mount Barker Rifle Club for the annual 300 metre invitational shoot that saw a good mix of shooting, comradary and competition throughout the whole day despite the weather attempting to put a dampener on proceedings a couple of times, which went from sunny one moment to rain and fog all within 5 minutes of each other.

Hahndorf had 13 shooters compete against 15 of Mount Barkers members, which saw good scoring and marksmanship throughout both details, which Hahndorf was again able to use and see how the electronic targets are used and function in both good and bad weather. which the scores can be seen on both the mount barker website at

Some of the outstanding scores of the day went to F Class shooter Paul Windle with a total of 112.08 out of a total 120.20, but was upstaged by Melanie Lyon which took the day with an amazing 115.08 in F class. Which saw her win the event for both Mount Barker and Hahndorf Rifle club (which ever hat she chooses to wear it is still both impressive and a good win). in Target Rifle (open “peep sights” in either 7.62 NATO (.308 Win), 5.56 NATO (.223 Rem) or .303 Brit) Chris Quinlin and Justin Jay came out on top for Hahndorf Rifle Club with scores of 89.02 and 80.04 out of 100.20.

Post the shoot Mount Barker Rifle Club and Jim Lyons had put on a BBQ, which saw a wide variety of foods, and too much of it, being cooked and served. and both MBRC and HRC want to thank Jim and Melanie for supplying and serving this.

During the meal, presentations were done, to the “top gun” of the day and also TOR in target rifle and F Class along with the dreaded “complaints” award and also encouragement and enjoyment awards to those that had the best day and enjoyed themselves the most. all prizes were donated by the MBRC and their catering committee.

the awards are as follows;

Top gun award (winner of the event) – Melanie Lyon

F Class
TOR – Paul Windle
2nd place – Kim Mohor
3rd place – Brian Hennig
Target Rifle
TOR – Chris Quinlin
2nd place – Justin Jay
3rd place – Nathaniel Brooke
Extra Awards
Encouragement – Will Mitchell
Enjoyment – Chris Quinlin

Both Jim Lyons and Graham Handcock (MBRC president) deserve a big Thank-you for the event and the shoot, for both how the Invitational shoot was conducted and also the meal that was supplied along with the prizes and gifts given. Along with this HRC and MBRC cannot wait until the next invitational shoot, where we can meet again in friendly competition, which is to be lead to be believed is HRC turn to host, and some murmurings around shooters from both clubs to extend the HRC shooters back to further ranges, but only time will see.

Next weekend will be a standard 42 shot 100 yard rimfire match, and the following weekend will be the annual Presidents Cup, which is a scoped 15 shot 200 yard match, sign in by 10.00 starting at 11.00 sharp.

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