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2016/2017 Changes

1st February 2017 • Admin

From various lengthy discussions and emails the following changes will occur in relation to shooting and scoring at HRC, and please make yourself aware of the following changes.

1. Actions are only to be closed once the competitor has their target called, and must confirm with the scorer that they have had their target called before commencing with loading and firing.

2. All crossfires onto another target, the shooter will be awarded a missed shot.

3. All shooters have One (1); Two (2) minute window after the scorer calls the shooters target, if no shot is fired in that time, a missed target will be announced for that competitor.

4. shooters are to take the next available shooting spot, as to continue with the flow of the event, rather than shooting from one spot or on one post only, as this can create confusion and disruption to the rest of the competitors and event running personnel alike.

5. if requested from the range officer or other event personnel to assist the running of the shoot in some form, please be aware that this can occur from time to time, and make yourself available to assist where requested, if required.

thank you,

Nathaniel Brooke
HRC Vice President

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