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Classic Sniper Shoot

6th August 2016 • Admin
August the 6th saw the first pre 1945 vintage sniper “prize” shoot being competed for at Hahndorf Rifle Club. the weather was a good mix of warm sunny patches mixed with cold breezes, whilst light was good all day. 10 competitors shot the full match with close scoring occurring throughout the competition.

top off rifle was taken by Melanie Lyon using her M82 Parker Hale with a total score of 94.6 out of 105.10.

other awards were given to shooters that took short range and long range applications using modified targets, along with an award given to the shooter that first scores a shot on the center dot of the target which saw David Duncan win the “1923 US silver dollar” for hitting the 3/4″ center spot.

Other shooters that should be mentioned were Connor Griffiths who was the only junior shooter of the event, along with Andrew Walter, who shot quite well with a borrowed reproduction Lee Enfield mk 4T and jacketed projectiles.

this shoot also saw a relatively new event and a comedy based prize added to the Service Rifle “bag of tricks”, in the form of a “timed snap shoot” where competitors would have a maximum of 5 secs to fire on one of two targets that are presented with a waiting time of between 15 and 45 secs between each presentation with a score of 5 points for a hit or nothing for a miss. The newly added prize is known as the complaints or whinge award, which is presented for either the best excuse for “why I struggled with that shot” or like Chris Quinlin showed how it is done, through a full dummy spit, which saw him take this award through both comradary and a very memorable spat which will be remembered by all for some time.

I personally want to thank both Jim Lyons and Andrew Walter for spearheading this event and turning it from a mixture of discussions and emails to a full developed shoot, Melissa Frahn for developing and producing the poster and flyer for the event. I also want to thank Beerenberg for the sauces and Jim Lyons for the Prizes that were handed out to competitors for each detail.

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