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26/1/15 – Yvonne Hill Awarded Order of Australia

26th January 2015 • Admin • Status

Yvonne Hill, one of our fabulous members was awarded an Order of Australia in the most recent round on the 26th of January, 2015.

Yvonne won the HRC Kingshoot (Koenigschiessen) December 28th 1977. She was the only woman to have ever done so. She also won the Black Powder section with her Grandfather’s Winchester Hi-Wall, 38-55 taking out the Open and Black Powder classes, this feat has never been repeated. Her Grandfather, Ben Stein won the 1913 Kingshoot with a score of 72-78 (150) out of 156 from a field of 53 competitors.

Below is the copy of the article in the Advertiser Newspaper and on line at Adelaide Now.

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