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26/7/14 – .22 Bunny Gun Challenge

26th July 2014 • Admin

“Bunny Rifles”

On a still and dry day our members, 13 in total, arrived with their .22 Bunny Guns. The aim of the event is to shoot the 4 rounds (40 scoring shots) with a rifle that is not considered a dedicated target firearm.

I won’t go into details but needless to say the overall scores were way lower that what we normally see.

The handicap system used the 2nd best round score, deducted from 100 and then multiplied this by 4. Example 4 rounds 85,86,88, 90 then the Handicap would be 48 ((100-88) x 4), the final score would be 397.

Based on this winners for the day were

Top Of Rifle Ash W with a 363 and a HC of 399

HC went to Brian H with a 334 and a HC of 402

(Note the standard .22LR Handicap will not be altered based on the days results)

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